blue heart trance

blue heart trance / shf

may our spirits divine the rapture all around us

and bring it to the meeting of our eyes.

may we muse in each other’s cracks and crevices,

in each other’s mystical creation of presence.

may we forgo the stories of who was who

when and why and all the pizzazz.

may we sweep up the scraps and throw them like confetti,

a toast to bless the breaths that brought us here

to the heights of the improbable, the why now? and how come?

the wish not to explain or slice and dice or justify,

the dream of leaving all that well enough alone,

the go for it and toss the map and hang on for dear life,

it’s not long now until we lose it all,

and can’t we just once try something new

and scary, unburdened by fears

that keep us safe and small?