mystic mind

new moon reflection

sharon hope fabriz
2 min readSep 14, 2023

Why is it that I’ve spent the first ten minutes of writing time today researching the etymology of “manifest” and its three uses (adjective, verb, noun) to find some truth from beyond that I can use to put together a contemplation about what I want to “BE EVIDENCE OF” as this hemisphere shifts into darker days and barer branches, the themes of harvest and loss arriving in a bundle of scratchy burlap and brushed flannel, the arms busy with lifting split logs and stacking the first cord of my life, and spirits ready for longer nights where silver dreams write themselves across my mind.

Why do I still reach for the external knowledge to bolster my confidence, my need to snare some primary source that will be the teller of my tale. How misled have I been to trust that which is beyond me in place of the life I’ve been given to glimpse the place where I’m going?

I suppress my compulsion to intellectualize or reach for the reference that parrots my heart and instead ask myself point blank: What do you want to see arrive by your hands, from your heart, and with your vision?

As September’s new moon beckons, I answer.

  1. I want to keep working on making my needs and wants clear to myself and others and to do so in a way that considers self-esteem, family, friendship, sustainability, balance, conservation, art, nature, community, magic, and self-expression.
  2. I want to pay attention to my body and give it the kind of fuel, movement, rest, work, play, and inspiration that strengthens it and attunes it to the reason it’s here.
  3. I want to reduce my footprint of possessions, container by container, shelf by shelf, wall by wall, and drawer by drawer.
  4. I want to continue to hold the sacred circle formed when people join together in community to share their stories and broadcast their voices.

Manifesting melds soul and body. Action follows intention. The heart fuels the hands. I thank the life I’ve been given for these knowings. As above, so below.